Parents should consider the following when choosing a pre-school. 

1. Qualifications of the principal and staff.

2. First aid training.

3. How the staff interacts with the children in a group and one-on-one.

4. Pre-school facilities should provide lots of varied opportunities for play, learning and development.

5. Look for safe play equipment that will improve gross motor skills.

6. Ask how fine motor skills are developed and how children are encouraged to be creative.

7. You will want to find out about operating hours, check the schools calendar and ask if the school offers holiday care.

8. Ask about meals and nap time, potty training.

9. How many children in a group and the number of teachers and assistants.

10. Find out how the school keeps the lines of communication open and the discipline policy.

11. Trust word of mouth and ask for references.


Taking all of the above into consideration, you will find that Duckie Dell Daycare / Pre-School are by far the best school in the area.