2020 School Fees

Please visit the school for enrolment forms. You may also email joannefrench.duckiedell@gmail.com to obtain enrollment forms. Fees published on this website are valid until 31 December 2020.

24 Months to 6 Year 06h45 until 17h15 R27000.00 p.a.
Morning Snack Parents to pack a small snack R0.00
Lunch Parents need to pack a light lunch such as sandwiches etc R0.00
Afternoon snack Parents to pack a small snack R0.00
Babies and toddlers (Birth to 24 months) 06h45 to 17h15. 11 Payments 1 Feb to 1 Dec 2020 R30600.00 p.a.
Extra Mural Activities Ballet, Swimming, Gymnastics, Soccer Stars, Action Ball, Build en Brick Enquire at school
Holiday Care No extra charge R0.00
School closes Approximately 15 days mid Dec to mid Jan each year
Swimming Lessons At school Free

Fees are valid until the end of 2020.