15. Jan, 2020


Our kids were happy at Ducky Dell from day 1. There was never a day that we felt like they weren't happy and safe. I would highly recommend Ducky Dell.

14. Jan, 2020

Tamsin Strydom

Where to start, Duckie Dell Daycare was a second home for our son, Wanda and her staff became family and we can never thank them enough for everything they did for our son. We are so truly grateful for having found them and our son's becoming part of the

31. Oct, 2019


Duckie Dell where to start! My son and daughter has been with the School for 2 years and they are so happy learning something new everyday. The staff and Wanda became family. Wanda's door is always open and she and her staff always assist where they can.
My Children love all the teachers at Duckie Dell and the teachers love them back! They treat and care for all the children the same way! You can't go wrong with Duckie Dell.

27. May, 2019


My son has been with Duckie Dell since a few months old. I am always happy with the absolute dedication and love that the school and the teachers there have. They know each little personality and treat all the kids like gold. The schools is always immaculate
and clean. They teach the kids how to clean up after them selves and often have my son singing tge Clean up clean up song while he helps me sweep. Wanda has a gift and passion for kids and when my boy is sick she will always check in to see how he is doing
being a first time mom she has offer valuable advice that has help me shape him into the little star he is. I am so grateful to have special ladies watching my little man.

23. May, 2019


“My Son is becoming very independent thanks to his teachers (Wanda,Nozipho,Winnie & Team). I am so glad we chose Duckie Dell Nursery. Not Only a safe haven for our precious children. BEAUTIFUL & CLEAN! facilities available for their social development
and GREAT Academic skills. Duckie Dell team are very experienced, fantastic and organized. I can see the difference clearly. Thank you so much for making the difference…" "To see the excitement, and enthusiasm he has for school now, Looks forward going to
school every morning. So reassuring we made the best move ever, and a great relief." Highly recommend...and look forward to the next Few years with Duckie Dell & Team." A++

21. May, 2019


My son is so happy to go to school every morning. Wanda and her team are so loving and caring and duckie Dell has such a warm environment. Thank you to all the teachers at school for having such a positive impact on my son.

21. May, 2019


One of the best decisions I ever made was take my son to Duckie Dell. When he arrived at the beginning of the year he did not know a word of English and at 4 years old did not know how to hold a pen even draw, 4 months in to the year he is speaking English
and can draw so well. The staff at Duckie Dell are excellent and the dedication and extra effort they have put in for my Luphelele I cannot thank them enough.

21. May, 2019


This is my daughter's first school and i was pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoys it.She never wants to leave my side but everyday she gets so excited about seeing her teacher and friends Duckie Dell has provided a safe and joyous enviroment for
my child.The stuff is friendly and warm.I couldn't ask for a better place for my little one.Thank you Wanda

Website 21. May, 2019


My son was 4years when he joined Duckie Dales, he did not know a word in English. His first week was the most difficult he didn't want to go to school, I guess communication with other kids was the main reason for that. However 3rd week he started to be
happy to go to school. In 3months he started saying words in English and eventually it was a sentence. Wanda kept on giving me feedback on his progress at the school. My son can now speak good English and his words are clear anyone will understand, he makes
sense. He even amazes me with the tenses. I am so proud of the staff for their love and patience they have with our kids. I definatetly recommend the school and will definately take my 2nd child to duckie dales.

19. Mar, 2018


My son was 19months when he joined Duckie Dell. I have been happy and pleasantly surprised by the level of care provided by the team. Take it from someone who can be picky about everything, I am very comfortable dropping my son off each morning, knowing
he will be taken care of and stimulated during his time there. I think this is a great school for my son and will be for my next child.

18. Mar, 2018

Michelle Griffiths

Moving our daughter to a new school was a big stress for me, a stress that immediately disappeared the minute she strated at Duckie Dell. The team is amazing. My daughter loves every minute of school. She has developed hugely in the 5 months she has been
with Wanda and her team. She is excited every day to go to school and doesn't like weekends because there is no school.

Thank you Wanda for a home away from home for our kids. The work you are doing with them is fantastic and we could not have wished for a better school for our daughter.

17. Mar, 2018


Duckie Dell is an amazing school with such dedicated staff. My son loves going to school and surprises me daily with the things he learns. His speech has improved tremendously and thoroughly enjoys the activities they do. Thank you Duckie Dell for your
help and dedication.

17. Mar, 2018


Back in 2014, I was looking for a school for my daughter and I googled pre schools near me. I came across duckie dell, paid them a visit. I was impressed with what I saw, neat and beautiful classrooms and the spacious playgrounds outside. I didn't think
twice, I just had to put my daughter there. Due to some reasons out of my control I had to move my daughter. When I had my little boy, I paid the school another visit and when I got there I just knew that duckie dell will be a home for my 1year old son. He
is really happy there and well looked after.

Website 17. Mar, 2018


Wanda is such a sweet caring friendly woman and her staff are as good as her. They are the ones that spot the problem on your child before you do as a parent. When my child is at Duckie dales I feel at ease and I become happy because I know that my son
has been taken care of. Keep it up and bare with us as parents

28. Sep, 2017

Ina Collins

Wanda and her staff are super in every way. The children always come first, there safety and care is a shining example to other schools. Love that they give each child attention and teach them new things every time. The best is they let you know what is
happening and keep you informed if they think there is a matter that needs attention. I do no regret having my grandson in this super family.

Website 7. Sep, 2017


I started looking at different schools in January 2017 just after I gave birth to my little boy, I came across Duckie Dell and enquired, I got an immediate response and made an appointment to go see the school. When I got there I was blown away with the
school and what they offered. I enrolled my boy and we drive every day from the Bluff to waterfall :) I can message Wanda anytime and she responds, her staff take such great care of the kids when my son sees them he is all smiles. I often get update photos
which is great being a first time mom :) my baby us absolutely just thriving. Thank you Wanda and staff for a job well done.

6. Sep, 2017


I popped into Duckie Dell one day while searching for a school for my 2 year old, I signed him up on the spot. The love, care and cleanliness of the school won me over. Wanda and her team and caring staff are always so involved and concerned about my child's
well being and he is thriving in the 'home' environment. My son couldn't be happier and neither could I.

5. Sep, 2017


I was out for a walk a few months ago and decided to ring the bell to see what Ducky Dell was like inside.

My first impression was: wow the teachers at this school are incredibly organised and the facilities are super clean!

I enrolled my baby the following week and I have been exceptionally happy with the care from every single teacher at Duckie Dell.

Thank you for taking such great care of my precious child. You ladies are amazing!

You are an incredible blessing to our community!

4. Sep, 2017


Hi Wanda. The other day I was so impressed, I came there to collect my daughter Thobeka. She then invited me to the baby room to see babies. I asked teacher Nobuhle for permission to go there and she allowed me. Yoh! Wanda on my arrival to the baby room
I was so impressed. The way those babies are being taken care of is amazing. All the babies were happy and full of smiles. They were all playing happily under such a good care. Thank you Wanda for doing this for our community. This is really what you have
been called to do and you are doing it well. You have trained those girls so well Wanda. May the Lord continue to expand your school. You are such a blessing.

30. Nov, 2016


From the moment I met Wanda I knew that I could trust my kids with her. They loved every moment being at Duckie Dell and we were all very sad and never found a place quiet like it afterwards. My eldest still speaks so fondly about his time at the school.
He especially loved the food and still talks about the different things he ate... this is coming from a very fussy eater. So glad you are open again and I will be passing your details to all I know with kids.

30. Nov, 2016


Duckie Dell is more than a school, it really is a family! We Loved sending our son there. He truly blossomed while attending the school and with Wanda at the helm, we felt completely at ease knowing our son would be in the care of such loving and dedicated
staff. Thank you Wanda for the wonderful years he attended your beautiful school!

12. Nov, 2016


My son was at Duckie Dell when it first was opened and he loved it there! Wanda and the teachers were fantastic. They helped potty train my son (a lot of schools won't help!) and he never had a single item of clothing go missing from his bag. I still don't
know how they managed to keep all the kids stuff in their bags!!! They had nutritious and tasty meals and every now and again they were treated to flapjacks and other yummy treats! The garden and play area was so well maintained and they loved helping my son
learn how to swing on the monkey bars! I really felt relieved knowing that he was so well looked after when I wasn't with him!!!

10. Nov, 2016


This is my daughter's 1st school. The owner of the school is very skilled in assisting kids to adjust into a new environment. She made life easy for my daughter and she enjoyed every moment of being at Duckie Dell. I am so glad that the school is opening
again so that other kids can also get what my daughter received from Teacher Wanda. She left a mark in the life of my child, with the help of her staff. My daughter left this school with good memories. I am planning to take her there again for holiday club
next month. I wish this school well.

10. Nov, 2016

Tracy Kezar

So do pleased to hear you Opened again. Brae spent 3 wonderful years at your school, she still talks about the memories of special occasions shared at the school. Highly recommended to anyone with young children.... a home away from home.